20/20 vision is possible without surgery. 


Ortho-K is an alternative to lasik surgery that allows you to correct your vision while you sleep.  
Ortho-K works overnight while you sleep to give you clear vision - No Lasik Surgery & without the risks. Dr. Taylor Brooks has been a pioneer in Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) and has worked for years to provide a safe, convenient way for active children and adults to correct their vision while sleeping.


Ortho-K FAQ, 
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Ortho-K Intructions, 
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What to expect, 
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  • Do you wear glasses or contact lenses for farsightedness or astigmatism?
  • Are you interested in LASIK but not quite ready or too young?
  • Are you unable to wear contacts due to allergies or other sensitivities?
  • Are you tired of getting debris getting under gas permeable lenses?
  • Do you feel contacts inhibit your ability to enjoy sports, working out, hiking, swimming, or skiing?
  • Do your child's eyes require a stronger eyeglass prescription every year?
  • Does your child need contacts but has trouble wearing or caring for them?
  • Do you want to wake up during the night and see?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, call us to schedule your FREE consultation!


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